About Us

We’ve shaped our travel concept into thoughtful itineraries that allow us to share with you an authentic and eye-opening travel experience.

We know that the search for the right organization to volunteer with, teachers to learn from, and experiences you seek can be overwhelming. Why spend hours agonizing over every detail of your trip when you can leave it to someone who lives and breathes your style of travel? With Soul Seed, we've done the work for you, carefully hand choosing every detail of your journey, from the local hospitality to the remarkable teachers, thought leaders, and organizations who are doing their part in bettering the world. We've scoured the land and paved the path for you to make a positive impact, meet life-changing teachers, nourish your body and soul, and experience India in an invigorating and meaningful way.

Our job is to create the framework for an incredible journey that allows you to experience every element and destination in comfort and freedom. You will have peace of mind in knowing that we have taken care of the details so that you can experience carefree travel and live each moment without the worry and demands of planning. We choose and bring you to our favourite destinations, then give you freedom to explore!



My name is Allison. I spent much of my twenties trotting the globe in search of adventure but, like many travellers to the developing world, being surrounded by the contradiction of so much beauty amongst such poverty and suffering, instilled within me a need to give back in whatever small way I could. The time I spent volunteering at home and abroad saw my worldviews shift and perspective widen. I found inspiration and knowledge in the communities where I lived and discovered a way of seeing the world founded on reciprocity and meaningful exchange.

Soul Seed was born of these ideals, understanding that responsible travel and volunteer experiences are a platform for an equal exchange of knowledge, skills, and perspectives that benefit both parties and connect us with people from a culture and way of life different to our own.

While interning with a grassroots development NGO in the town of Adampur, Punjab, India quickly made its way deeply into my heart and bones. I went with a desire to understand the world and a passion for women’s empowerment, and left with new perspectives, lifelong friendships, and a deep love for the country and its people. Soul Seed Journeys gives me an avenue to share with others the transformative experiences I had discovered in India, and offer travelers an opportunity to deepen their understanding of cultures and traditions in India, gain valuable exposure to the realities of work and life in a developing country, explore their interests, and have fun experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes along the way.


Our Mission

Fuelled by our passion for finding balance and inspiring human connections, Soul Seed Journeys shares holistic, responsible group travel with like-minded and fun-loving adventurers. Through authentic, grassroots experiences, we provide a space where people can connect with themselves and the world around them.


Adventure is our passion. We believe that seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, and meeting different people is what keeps us connected and reminds us that we all live in the same world, sharing the same challenges, human needs, and desires. For us, travel means opening your eyes and challenging yourself and your perspectives. Getting out of your comfort zone and connecting with locals and fellow travelers opens your heart to new experiences and ways of looking at the world. 

It is locking eyes with a child, the spicy bustle of a vegetable market before dinner, and the friendly smile of the Chai Wallah as he hands you your steaming cup, that remind us that we all are connected. It is the search for deeper meaning and simplicity beyond the veneer of everyday life.

India is one of the most fascinating, challenging, rewarding, and humbly hospitable places on earth. Soul Seed was born of the ideals of reciprocity and exchange, allowing travellers to get to know a place, understand its people, and both share and absorb the wisdom held by the people we meet along the way. By exposing travellers to new challenges, perspectives, and ways of living, we challenge assumptions, shift perspectives, and foster solidarity in the understanding of shared experience. We weave a well-rounded individual experience that will undoubtedly open your eyes, heart, and soul.