Anonymous 2016 Yoga Camp Survey

A must do for all yoga lovers new and old!! I can not say enough great things about this wonderfully relaxing and insightful weekend away. I felt relaxed, happy and focused at the end of it all! Thanks Soul Seed Yoga!

Soul Seed Yoga Camp was a blast! A wonderful weekend surrounded by like minded people, a great way to unwind and find inner balance.

Michelle Page, 2014 participant

Firstly let me start by saying "thank you" to you Allison and Soul Seed Journeys, for helping me to fulfill a desire I have had for well over 10 years now.  India was the starting point for a trip of a lifetime.  Thank you also for your continuous laughter, joyful spirit and welcoming smile.   Your hands on approach and personal touch made this trip a unique and thrilling experience.  India has completely captured my heart and I cannot wait to return.  

Secondly I would like to point out that travelling to India is not a decision to be taken lightly, which is probably why it has taken me over ten years to carry out this epic journey.  All the things that people tell you before you go are completely true.  It is a very, very poor country, however what it lacks in wealth it more than makes up for in ambiance.  It is a complete attack on all of your senses. From the bright and colourful streets overflowing with people and garbage, to the completely crazy rammed roads. Not forgetting the unique and somewhat interesting smells along the way!  One thing which stood out the most, for me, on this trip was the genuine warmth from the people. The fact that no matter how bad things seem, the people of India continue to smile and be thankful for what they have. They take tremendous pride in their appearance and wear beautifully coloured clothing, all whilst rushing around like crazy. It left me feeling very humbled.   Then there is the other side of India, the unspoilt and lush landscapes. With roads which are practically undriveable, but it added to the sense of adventure. A tranquil haven where you can watch the sun rise whilst doing yoga or sip a coffee whilst sitting in a wooden shake overlooking the Ganges.  This trip had it all, adventure, historic discoveries, eye opening scenery and tasty delights. It was a first hand experience of what India truly has to offer.  Every town had its own unique qualities and there is layer upon layer of things waiting to be discovered - luckily for us we had the best guide available. She spoke English, could communicate in Indian, already had the necessary contacts in place and best of all, she had already done the leg work for us. So all we had to do was sit tight and enjoy the journey, and what an unforgettable journey it was.  It still makes me smile when I think of the wonderful days filled with laughter and happiness. Not to mention the amazing friendships I have made and the abundance of Canadian words I now know.  

This trip would not of been possible without all of your hard work, patience and dedication.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have to you for making this trip everything and so much more than I could have ever of anticipated.  It goes without saying that I can not recommend Soul Seed Journeys enough. 

Christina Bird, 2014 Participant

Choosing Soul Seed Journeys as my tour in India was the best decision I have made in years!! I have been on other large tour groups which moved fast and lacked any intimacy. With Allison I felt safe, confident and knew I was seeing the best of India.

Allison has found beautiful hotels to sleep in and knows the best local restaurants. Additionally, Allison organized group activities such as yoga, hiking, astrologists, rafting, camel riding, and unforgettable birthday parties! Allison is open minded to helping find any activity you wish to explore, and will most likely join you on the adventure.

Allison took care to make that all member of the group felt safe, while providing tips on navigate local customs as well as bartering. I highly recommend joining a soul seed journey for your next trip to India, you will not be disappointed.